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Established with ideals in mind.
Envisioning the ideal experience.

When we started Synergy years ago in the Spring of 2014, we never thought that we would reach the success that we have achieved today. Back then, we didn't have a todo list or even long-term goals. What we did have, however, were ideals about what a server should be.

Synergy was, and continues to be, a 100% free-to-play server. There's no obligation to pay, nor are there any unfair advantages given to those who do. We greatly appreciate all donations that we receive, the entirety of which goes towards paying for Synergy's costs.

Our staff also aims to be as candid and accessible as possible. If the server experiences problems, we'll openly share what they are. If you have questions about them or anything else, you can reach us in-game or on other platforms such as Discord.

Uniqueness, together.

Synergy has become a place for all types of players to congregate. The server's active playerbase is primarily composed of redstoners, but there's a large collection of builders and other types of players as well. You can build together in Plots and Flatmap, or try to survive the night in Survival. Of course, you don't need a label or specialty to be welcomed to the community. As long as you get along well with others, you're sure to make friends and have a good time!

Custom to the Core.

One of the many things that sets Synergy apart from other servers is our suite of custom plugins. These plugins do their best to assist with redstoning, track your playtime, modify chat, and kill you in Survival. SynergySuite is developed entirely by staff members of Synergy and we're always working on improving your playing experience so if you have a feature request, don't be afraid to ask! There's a good chance that it could be implemented in the future!

SynergySuite is the result of hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of lines of code, all towards the goal of providing a truly unique experience that'll leave you wanting more.

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Some featured features:

Fast updates

Unlike some other servers, which sometimes take weeks, months, or even years to update, we pride ourselves on delivering updates quickly and frequently. With our "first Saturday" goal for new Minecraft versions, you can be certain that you'll be able to use all the newest additions to the game.

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We believe that choice is important to our players. After all, it was a choice that led them to join Synergy. Whether it's by enabling night vision, disabling item drops, or reformatting chat, we allow you to craft your own, truly custom experience.

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Do you want to initiate a voice call with other members of the server? Or want to enjoy listening to your favorite artist's music with them? With the services that we integrate with, you'll be able to interact with other players outside of Synergy in brand new ways.

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VoxelSniper & WorldEdit

VoxelSniper is a versatile terraforming tool based on brushes, while WorldEdit is primarily focused on powerful cuboid operations. With these two capable plugins, you have the power to both create mountains and move them.

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