Current Server: Synergy

Current Ban
Expires in: Permanent
Banned by: ReversedGravity
Banned at: 28 October 2019 02:03:23 AM
Reason: Stealing 5k high value items in survival

Current Mute

Previous Bans
ID Reason By On Length Unbanned By At
1 Not listening to staff Fusion1013 18:45:56 15/09/19 1 day Console 18:46:21 16/09/19
2 Stealing items in survival ReversedGravity 01:59:23 28/10/19 1 week ReversedGravity 02:03:03 28/10/19

Previous Mutes
ID Reason By On Length Unmuted By At

ID Reason By On
1 chill on the caps ReversedGravity 04:08:06 09/09/19

Previous Kicks
ID Reason By At
1 Spam AlexDon63 27/08/19