SynergySuite is the name of the collection of four plugins that are custom-coded by us and exclusive to Synergy. If you have an idea for a new feature, don't be afraid to share it because we can certainly make it happen!


SynergyCore is the plugin that handles features that are shared across all world groups. It's the largest plugin of the group as well, consisting of over 13,000 lines of code.

Notable features:


SynegySurvival augments the survival worlds with the goal of making them both more difficult and more fun.

Notable features:


SynergyCreative affects Plots and Flatmap, mostly just handling settings.

Notable features:


You should probably be able to guess what world this plugin affects but if you still need to have it spelled out then SynergyLobby handles events that take place in Lobby.

Notable features:

Other plugins

These plugins are not owned or created by the staff team, but occasionally we make fixes and adjustments to third-party plugins to suit Synergy's needs.


Essentials handles a lot of miscellaneous features on the server, such as mail, kits, and /hat. It used to do a lot more on Synergy, but we have been slowly phasing it out and replacing its features with custom-coded ones that we add to SynergySuite.


PlotSquared manages the plots in Plots. Everything from the protection of the plots to their management to plot flags is controlled by this plugin.


Multiverse keeps the different world groups seperate from each other. It's also buggy and not actively developed anymore. Switching to BungeeCord is in our plans for the future.


PermissionsEx manages the ranks and permissions of the server.


WorldEdit is used by players to primarily perform cuboid operations, which include setting, replacing, stacking, copying, and pasting the contents of a cuboid selection.


AsyncWorldEdit is installed so that players can do large WorldEdit operations without crashing the server.


VoxelSniper is used by builders to do advanced and large-scale terraforming.


CoreProtect is our block logger of choice and it keeps track of all the things that happen on the server.


This is zombachu's favorite plugin.