Life Rules

  1. Don't be an asshole.
  2. Don't be a dumbass.

Honestly, you should only need those two life rules to succeed in both life and Synergy, but if you would like more specific rules for Synergy, then here you go (Though if you try to find loopholes in these rules then that's violating life rule #1):

Global and Chat Rules

  1. Please use English in main chat.
  2. Treat other players nicely.
  3. Get mods approved before using them.
  4. Don't abuse your permissions.
  5. Don't spam chat.
  6. Don't abuse caps in chat.
  7. Links are allowed in chat, but advertising is not.
  8. Keep chat "safe for work." That means no porn.
  9. It would be greatly appreciated if you don't try to break the server.
  10. If you find a bug, report it instead of abusing it.
  11. Don't try to artificially inflate your playtime.

Creative World Rules

  1. Follow a plot's rules when on it.
  2. Don't build inappropriate structures. That means no porn.
  3. Don't claim other people's creations as your own.
  4. All path modifications need to be approved by staff.

Survival World Rules

  1. Do not steal or grief.
  2. No unwarranted PVP.
  3. Pranks are allowed, but only with a mutual and public agreement.
  4. Keep pranks appropriate. That also means no porn.
  5. Abide by the spawn's rules if you build there.
  6. Please build your bases 300 blocks or more away from spawn.
Also, no porn.

The application and interpretation of these rules are up to staff.