About Our Supported Services


Discord is an awesome text and voice chat service that is rich in functionality and free to use. Synergy's community uses it for offline communication and voice calls while the staff team also uses it for chatting in addition to making server announcements. If you haven't already started to use it for either Synergy or another community, you're definitely missing out.


Dubtrack is a cool way to share your music playlist by taking turns with others playing songs from either YouTube or SoundCloud. All music is allowed as long as it's considered music by most, so that means no doll unpackaging videos.

How to connect to a service

  1. Get promoted to Member. For more information on ranking up, click here.
  2. Log onto the server and do /connection add <service> where service is the service you want to connect. Valid options are discord or dubtrack.
  3. Copy the token you are given and enter it into the place that the given instructions tell you to.
  4. If a bot automatically replies to message saying it was a success, then congrats! You now have full access to that service and your Minecraft account has been connected to your account on that service.
    • If the bot doesn't respond to your message within a couple seconds, then something went wrong. Most likely the token was entered incorrectly. However, there's a chance that something went wrong on our end, and you should contact a staff member so we could troubleshoot.