Introduction to settings

As you can probably guess from the fact that an entire help document exists for settings, these little guys are pretty important to us. We first recognized the need for settings years ago on February 7, 2015, with the release of The Toggle Update. Back then, settings could only have an "enabled" or "disabled" value, and the interface and implementation was clunky. However, it addressed the reality that players want to be able to control their experience on a server. When we redid all of SynergySuite and released Synergy 2.0 on August 3, 2016, we completely overhauled the setting system, doubled the number of settings offered, and added the now-extremely-popular GUI interface. This document provides a thorough tutorial about settings, in addition to listing every single setting currently offered.

Using settings

Your setting preferences are localized to each world group. This means that you could possibly have chat fully enabled in Plots while having only messages that mention your name be visible for a more peaceful playing experience in Survival. All of this is handled by the server autmoatically, so you don't need to manually change these values yourself.

Settings can be managed by two ways: commands and the GUI.

Managing your settings with commands

Managing your settings with the GUI

Settings list

Creative settings

Settings that help out with the mundane things in redstoning and building.

Teleportation settings

Settings that alter the behavior of teleportation.

Chat settings

Settings that alter the look or behavior of your personal chat.

Secret settings

Settings that only special people can access, such as staff and Distinguisheds.

Miscellaneous settings

Settings that don't quite fit into the other categories.

Introduction to setting presets

Setting presets are a saved collection of values for settings that you can load at a later time. These are particularly useful for people who like to have multiple playing environments, like those who record videos on the server or those that switch between building and redstoning.

Using presets

Presets can currently only be managed through commands, but you can load previously-created presets through the settings GUI.