Lobby {#lobby}

Lobby is the world that greets players when they first join Synergy. It contains warps to the other worlds, basic rank information, a list of all donators, and The Hunt minigame,

The Hunt is the name of the easter egg hunt at Lobby. There's 10 secret easter eggs around spawn for you to find, and you can check your progress at any time through /thehunt. Just be sure to right-click the easter egg so that your progress is recorded, and try not to spoil the fun for others by sharing where they are!

Access level: All

Creative Worlds {.text-center}

In addition to the fact that their primary gamemodes are the same, the creative worlds warrant their own section because they're the core of Synergy. Multiple creative-specific settings are designed to enhance the playing experience, such as drops, noclip, and flip_slabs.

Plots {#plots}

Plots was Synergy's main focus at its inception, and continues to be the most popular world of the server today. This is the first world after Lobby that players have access to, and is where they begin their Synergy experience.

The plots themselves are managed by the versatile PlotSquared plugin, which offers loads of built-in features like plot flags, plot merging, and multiple tiers of plot permissions. Our plots are a massive 301 by 301 blocks, so you'll likely have more than enough space for your redstoning and building needs.

Access level: All

Flatmap {#flatmap}

Flatmap is for those who need a place to build without mundane limitations. The world is infinite and without building restrictions, so if you need even more space than your plots can fit then you can relocate your project to Flatmap instead. Unlike Plots, mobs are enabled in this world so you can also use Flatmap to prototype your designs for Survival.

However, keep in mind that the rules of the server still apply in this world, so lag creation and grief are not tolerated.

Access level: Member+/Builder

Survival {#survival}

Being the time-tested staple of Minecraft, we knew we had to include a survival world when starting Synergy. Our version of survival has a twist, however, in that we've altered various parts of the game. Augmentations like multiplying pigmen and wild killer rabbits are designed to increase the difficulty of the world, while other changes like a custom world generator preset and throwable flint make Survival truly unique and fun to play.

Access level: Member